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Childhood Romance : Misukonis Wedding

I remember the day Derrick told me he and Bree were dating.

We were sitting down at my niece's Gymnastics Class when he leaned over and said, "Shayna, I need to tell you something but you CAN NOT tell Kayla [our sister]".

I knew immediately it was something big!

Bree and Kayla were, and still are, childhood best friends. They spent every second they could together with Kayla's little brother in tow.

Our Mom always said they would grow up and get married. Moms have a way of always being right. I swear, they're superheroes!

Not long later, Addi told us "Me and Bree and Daddy are getting MARRIED!" and we were all THRILLED!

Bree and Derrick knew they didn't want a big wedding. Originally the plan was to elope. Lucky for us, all of the appointments were booked at the courthouse and we were able to throw together this super intimate wedding with only immediate family and a few friends.

The ceremony was so special and personal. Caleb, our brother-in-law who officiated talked about the crazy twists and turns in life that lands you exactly where you need to be. He talked about the bond Derrick and Bree shared from childhood and the blessing it is to have Bree OFFICIALLY join our family.

Tears were definitely shed as Derrick, Bree and Addi exchanged vows and rings. I couldn't imagine a more intimate or special ceremony. Congratulations Bree, Derrick and Addi! We are so excited to see you grow in love.

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