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December Bells : Buttrum Wedding

I have been looking forward to Brittany and Robert's wedding for SO LONG! I KNEW that it would be a fun day, filled with laughter and love. They did not disappoint!

So many people were buzzing around all morning making sure everything was ready. I looked at Robert, assuming I would see stress all over his face. Instead, I saw how calm he was. I kept sneaking a peek to see if that would change, but it didn't.

I realized that the business of the Wedding day had no effect on him because he was ready. He was marrying his best friend. Regardless of what was or wasn't ready, who was running late, what time it was... It didn't matter because by the end of the day Brittany would be his wife.

And that was so beautiful.

Thank you for asking me to be apart of you special day! 💕

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