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Love + Sunflowers : Jessica, Eric + Skylar's Family Session

This sweet little family met me for a mini session at Eckert's Farm and Country Store on a thriving Saturday morning. The store opened at 8 am. By 8:05 the place was HOPPING with families excited to pick veggies and visit the Sunflower Maze.

By the time we got to the Sunflower Maze the lighting was NOT optimal, but this family made me forget all of the technical imperfections. I was just excited to capture them interacting and loving on each other!

While we were waiting for the Trolley, Jessica reminded me that Skylar "just doesn't smile". I had a feeling Skylar was going to prove her wrong!

When we were done exploring, we decided to get out of the heat! I couldn't help but capture just a few more images before saying good bye.

Thank you Jessica, Eric and sassy Skylar for coming out and exploring with me! You make such a sweet family!

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