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Tropical Vibes: Jo's Maternity Session

Baby Scarlette is due to arrive at ANY moment. We knew we had to schedule something fast! Jo didn't quite know what she wanted her Maternity Session to look like. She only knew she wanted something that represented her.

Jo loves flowers and was still glowing from her Baby-moon. We decided for a Tropical Greenhouse session and




The greenery of The Jewel Box was the perfect backdrop for Jo. It felt like we were on an isolated tropical island. We were both so inspired.

Jo is a preschool teacher. She loves to play music and create. If this session was truly going to represent her, it had to be creative.

Um, can we please talk about this outfit??? Jo stepped up her game with this casual gardener outfit. The splash of pink was the perfect representation for baby Scarlette. And this Momma was SMOKIN' HOT!


• Baby Scarlette will be here soon!

• The Jewel Box rocks.

• I need a tropical vacation in my life.

• Overalls are underrated.


Shoutout to Jo! Girl, you are so beautiful. I can't wait to meet your mini-me!

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